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waves on tap all year round


The main break at Aganoa Beach Fales is a reef break with an amazing right, providing some of the best barrels you will find where crowds will never be an issue.  It is a consistent all year around. 


Aganoa also provides an insane left, a short paddle down the reef.  The wave caters for most skill levels with multiple other wave options within a short drive of the lodge. 


There are also beginner and kids waves which hug the headland and provide hours of entertainment for the groms. 


The number of surfers at Aganoa is controlled and it will never be crowded.  You are guaranteed uncrowded waves. The incredible part about most breaks on Savai’i (including the main break out front) is how accessible they are. While most breaks on neighbouring Upolu require a boat ride to an outer reef, nearly all of Savai’i’s waves are a short paddle from the beach.  Sit in the dining and viewing area and watch your mates, partner or kids surf the left and right while enjoying the hospitality.  

Recording the action for either training and development or to preserve the memory of a lifetime is easy and does not take a super telephoto lens (although this is helpful...)  to sit and record the action. 


Winter provides very consistent south swells with east trade winds. Coming into Summer there are still consistent south swells and north swells, and the trade winds switch to a very light northerly direction. These trades all year round generally come up mid/late morning and back off late afternoon.


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