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a family owned and operated business 

We are Keith and Lanu Martin.

We are small, we are family and we care. 

We have been operating here at Aganoa since 1997.  We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and connection to our village, cultural heritage and environment.  

Keith originally from the Sunshine Coast in Australia arrived on the island after meeting Lanu and discovered this amazing reef break.  After seeking permission from the local Chief, Keith and Lanu developed the Beach Fales as they are today.  With a few bumps in the road along the way including the recent 3 year shut down due to the global issues we all faced, Keith, Lanu, and family are working hard to bring business back to the island and share this amazing location which offers so many holiday and relaxation options for both surfers and non surfers.  

Our extended family from the local village work at Aganoa and provide outstanding service to our guests. 

Our children now located in Australia remain connected to Aganoa frequently returning to spend time with family and assist with the business remotely where they can.  

Our boys love this wave and commit to the heaviest waves on offer while at home. 

We look forward to meeting you - Keith and Lanu Martin.

All smiles and friendly service from our family here at Aganoa Beach Fales
Always here to help
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